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Total Wellness Center believes that “the inside effects the outside.” We use Eastern medicine to provide astounding acupuncture, facials, and more!

East Meets West

Eastern medicine continues to grow popular as more and more people in the Western world are realizing the holistic effects of being treated by the Eastern philosophy, “the inside affects the outside.” Dr. James Kim has been applying Eastern medicine into his technique since 1986. When Dr. Kim was practicing Eastern medicine, he has seen patients for years try different medications and surgeries to fix their symptoms, sometimes with little or no results.

Dr. Kim knew he could help a lot of patients using the philosophy behind Eastern medicine, through acupuncture, herbs, and the Qi (energy flow). The philosophy of Eastern medicine means focusing more on healing. Through acupuncture and herbs, healing comes from within. Dr. Kim believes that acupuncture focuses on the natural and physical condition of a person.

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Total Wellness…

Total Wellness Center is about healing your body, your symptoms, and your ailments through an Traditional Eastern Medicine approach. At our health and wellness center, we provide a variety of treatments that can help you with past and present health issues. Unlike Western medicine, we cater our treatments specifically for each person because we know that treating symptoms should have an individualistic approach. In Western medicine, data and statistics are used to lump symptoms together and formulate a plan to treat the symptom. We believe, like ancient Chinese physicians have stated, “a superior healer is one who treats a disease before it shows symptoms, while an inferior one treats a disease only after it has manifested pain or discomfort.”

Helping & Healing the Los Angeles Community

Total Wellness Center was created to help the Los Angeles community find total wellness through massage, acupuncture, herbs, facial treatments, and weight loss programs. Dr. Kim wanted to create a space where clients come could in and relieve themselves of the toxicity and noise of the outside world. At Total Wellness Center, health and wellness are aligned to help clients function at full capacity on an everyday basis, whether they come in injured, ill, or with a disorder.

Trained Professionals

As a trained and certified esthetician, Ivy Cho has changed lives performing miracle herbal facials that transform people every day. For Ivy, she treats her clients’ face like it’s her face. With that delicate approach, she truly takes time to find out what the clients’ needs are and examines their skin to determine what treatment works best for them. Ivy’s even stopped wearing heavy make-up, such as foundation, and instead has adopted the healthier option of using facials and Cosmetic acupuncture that helps keep her skin looking smooth and clean. Having suffered from acne, she is a living example of the amazing results that their facials and Cosmetic acupuncture can achieve.

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