Gentle Deep Powder Wash

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Powder type low pH deep cleanser to remove the dead skin cells and impurities tidily

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Product Features

Mild Cleansing
Hypoallergenic Mild Cleanser contains Natural surfactants
• Papaya enzyme powder that requires more than 30 hours of drying and conditioning process
• Enzyme bubble pack(similar to skin pH level, it consists pH 5.6~5.9(Low pH level)+ non Surfactant synthesis, nonParaben prescription

Dead Skin Care
Rapid solution to remove dirt and dead skin cells by extracts from Papaya
• Remove dead skin & Impurities Cleansing pore all at once – Maximized absorbing capacity in skin care products

Energizing Skin
Pollen extracts and cactus extracts to hydrate and energize skin
• Remarkable moisture retention capacity of NEO CMS™+ Betaine + Cactus extract prescription [ Moisture Loss X ]
• Prevent trouble cause through skin immunity(antibacterial) after applying

How To Use

Apply an adequate amount into the hands and fully lather. Gently rinse off with lukewarm water.


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