Vita.CEB12 Effector

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[Serum for prevention of pigmentation] Whitening serum to improve and even skin tone

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Product Features

Multiplies whitening treatment effect
Whitening serum with Vitamin C, E, B12 and Glutathione to synergy effect of whitening skin treatment
Soothes irritated skin after skin treatment

Non-sticky pink serum with light texture
When applied to skin it shows moisturizing effect and absorbs to skin without leaving sticky feeling
Hydrogel polymer in a form of mesh effectively delivers Whitening active complex to skin

Melanin care inside the skin
Brassica Rapa Root Extract ingredient contained to regulate melanin formation
Helps to reveal clear and even skin tone

[Skin safety test completed]
[Whitening effect]

Major Ingredients

Vita.CEB12 Complex
prevention of pigmentation
Super antioxidant network
regeneration of skin antioxidant managing system
whitening and antioxidant effect (special ingredient)
Brassica Rapa Root Extract
controls melanin formation path to restrain pigmentation

How To Use

At the step of serum apply an adequate amount to the face. Lightly pat to help the absorption

Additional Ingredients

Vita.CEB12 Complex: prevention of pigmentation
Vitamin C : brightens skin tone and makes it glowing
Vitamin E: helps with moisture maintenance
Vitamin 12 : helps with dead skin cells drop off and regeneration
Vita.CEB12 Complex with Vitamin C, E, B12 to prevent pigmentation
-Alpha-lipoic Acid regenerates antioxidant
-Alpha-lipoic Acid restores Glutathione
-Glutathione, CoQ10, Vitamin C etc mutual help to regenerate cells

Glutathione: melanin pigment care
Ingredient that stops switch of melanocyte to melanin
Main ingredient of Beyonce Injection for skin whitening
100 times more effective than Vitamin C
The highest number contained in the human body is during the 20s,
Each decade (10y), it's reduced by 15%, which sets in motion the process of aging

Melanin care (inside the skin)
(Ingredient contained in Effector)
Brassica Rapa Root Extract
controls melanin formation path to reduce melanin formation
And restrain pigmentation to improve complexion


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