H.M.F Vitamin Mask

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The intensive sleeping mask contains pure Vitamin C for dull skin

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Product Features

The intensive sleeping mask with pure vitamin C to promote a brightening effect

The intensive sleeping mask containing the active ingredients of a vitamin complex and Arbutin provides a brightening effect to the skin.

Makes dry skin moisturized

The ingredients of Lecithin and Hyaluronic Acid prevent dryness of the skin and softens it by improving the skin’s moisture retention capability.

Makes the skin healthy and revitalized by providing nourishment

Vitamins C, E, and Ceramide make the skin healthy and revitalized by providing it with nourishment.

Major Ingredients

Ascorbic Acid
The pure vitamin C makes dull, dark skin look bright and clear.
Arbutin is a FDA-approved whitening ingredient that has an excellent whitening effect.
Hydrogenated Lecithin
Lecithin is one of the most important components of the skin. It is a protein that can be obtained from soybeans and egg yolk. It has an excellent moisturizing and anti-oxidizing effect.

How To Use

The sleeping mask can be used as a nourishing cream. After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to the face at the last step of the skincare routine.


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