Ultimate Laser Rejuvenation SheetMask

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The rejuvenating cellulose mask to strengthen the barrier of damaged skin [Wrinkle improvement cosmetic]

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Product Features

The rejuvenating mask to strengthen the barrier of damaged skin

The cellulose-type wrinkle repair mask containing Adenosine and EGF complex (EGF, VEGF, FGF, IGF, etc.) has an instant rejuvenation effect, repairing damages in skin’s barrier.

Provides long-lasting moisture

Bio cellulosehas a dense network structure so that it can be impregnated with more essence. The formula contains Bio-mimetic fluid, Hyaluronic Acid, and other CMS materials that help skin lock in moisture.

Soothing and cooling effects

Formulated with bio cellulose materials that soothe irritated skin to deliver a powerful soothing and cooling effect. The sheet emits gamma rays that destroy bacteria and wraps the face so that the rejuvenating active agents seep into skin for maximum effects.

Major Ingredients

EGF Complex
Formulated with EGF, VEGF, IGF-1, FGF, and other transforming growth factors that repair and strengthen skin’s natural barrier.
CMS Material
Formulated with CMS Lab patented materials similar to Lecithin, Ceramide 3, and Squalene, helping skin restore its protective barrier
Bio-mimetic fluid
Made from natural materials such as mineral water and Amino Acids, the Bio-mimetic fluid boosts various body functions to rejuvenate and moisturize skin.
Sodium Hyaluronate
This natural moisturizing agent hydrates and soothes skin.

How To Use

After toner, place the mask over the face. Make sure it adheres tightly to the skin. Remove after 10 to20 minutes and lightly pat to help the essence residue.
For better effects, keep the product in the refrigerator at 10℃ or lower.


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